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Hello and welcome to YourTemp.Email

The home of private emailing. No longer will you need to give out your email to spammy services. The service is totally self-funded and we advertise our own services here. We don't get paid for adverts, nor have any financial concerns about keeping the site online.

We don't sell your data, Nor store it past it's usefulness (Think cookies so you can see your emails you previously received) - This is one of the genuinely free things online, Enjoy! We don't ask you to make accounts, Need your details or care about them - We do hope you have a browse through our other sites if you're enjoying yourself!

Hosted by us, Ads are served by us and about our services, Analytics by TeklanAnalytics (Us) and mail by....... you guessed it, Us again! We don't use emails as a means to gather your data, nor will we ever change that!

We store emails for 24 hours by default - You can delete them whenever you want however!

So, A little more about us - we believe in fundamental rights to privacy hence our services all aligning with those philosophies. We continue to expand our services based upon these values and aim to add free services/informational pages funded by our paid services. We value any and all feedback offered by you guys so feel free to reach out!